Sue Jakes

Psychologist, Equine Assisted Therapist

Sue has worked as a psychologist in the public, private and NGO sectors supporting clients with a multitude of mental health presentations including mood disorders, PTSD, stress and emotional dysregulation. She has undertaken additional studies in Equine Assisted Therapy and is passionate about offering contemporary, relevant, trauma informed services for individuals, families and small groups that she supports alongside her treasured herd of horses and ponies.



The horses have a unique offering in the therapeutic process.

Randy, Ranger, Dolly, Sunny and Joe

Every horse and human interaction is unique. Some clients report experiencing emotional safety and trust and just by being in the presence of horses unconscious feelings or needs can emerge that are then available for therapeutic processing.

Horses offer authentic, physical, non-verbal contact in relationship. It is a natural disturbance for most clients to experience relationship that is reliable, free of judgement with no interpretation. Some horses offer a confirming presence and many clients feel a sense of unconditional positive regard.

Horses model healthy functioning; this can provide opportunities to explore concepts such as awareness, presence, boundaries, herd/ family dynamics, relationships, managing emotions and lifestyle choices. 

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