Valley Psychology offers specialised therapeutic services from a client centred perspective.
Many of our clients attend for the purpose of improving emotional wellness, whilst others are seeking treatment for more specific mental health presentations. We welcome young people from around 12 years of age as well as adults, families and small groups.

If you require Equine Assisted Therapy for a child under 12 we are pleased to recommend the services of Hunter Valley Childrens Therapies at Lovedale.

Medicare rebates are available with a GP referral; participants on NDIS plans are also welcome.

Room-Based Therapy
The relaxed rural setting provides opportunity for connection to the natural environment in a peaceful and calming way. We understand that every person is different and there is no “one size fits all” in the therapeutic experience. Utilising our clinical training, knowledge and experience we work closely with our clients to tailor a relevant treatment plan and find the best way to help them achieve their goals.

By exploring our thinking processes, behaviours and emotional responses in a supported therapeutic relationship we can deepen personal awareness and realise our power of choice. Such exploration can lead to improved relationships, as well as personal wellness and emotional balance.

Equine Assisted Therapy
For centuries horses and humans have lived alongside each other and our relationships with horses have often been associated with our personal and collective wellbeing. In recent years we have engaged horses more formally in various therapeutic settings.

This model of therapy is an experiential approach to healing, growth and personal development which supports clients toward sustained emotional wellness through safe emotional and relational contact. Encounters with the horses are tailored to meet the needs and goals of the client and can include herd observations, meeting the horses at liberty, sharing touch and grooming as well as leading activities.

Currently, Equine Assisted Therapy is best described as a novel or emerging treatment and does not have the same empirical support or evidence base that other treatments often applied in therapeutic settings may.  

Family Therapy & Small Group Work
At times it may be beneficial to welcome other family members to the therapy setting. Family Therapy can be a stand alone therapy, however single or multiple sessions can be incorporated into treatment planning as required.

Participation in group therapy or learning experiences can often be a valuable and rewarding opportunity and suitable alternative to individual therapy. We are also pleased to offer small group work for young people and adults and tailor these programs to meet the needs of participants. These can range from half day workshops to the 6 session Horse Wisdom Program.

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